Sunday, December 6, 2009


Friends... like love come in all sizes.

Family...those you are born to...and those you choose as you walk through life.

In this day and age, we are all looking for something..some of us don't know exactly what we are looking for but are looking nonetheless....and truly we don't need to go anywhere we just need to be.

The other day I was moved to tears by the words of a she and I are no longer strangers, we are connected in our mutual loss.

I can never walk by her or think of her as someone I don't know, so in truth we are just friends we haven't met yet. Some of us will get along fast and easy, others more shy and nervous will take their time, but by and by we will all become friends.

The dance of friend means this...

I care about you...and don't' want to see you in any pain

I want to know what's up with you?

If you need me and I can do something for you I will.

I hold a place for you in my heart

A place that you can go when we are apart, to feel connected don't' you see.

You may be there... and I may be here, but in friendship our waves reach out

and touch across the land and across the sea.

If you are near, and a warm heart your soul needs come my way, for tea, and cheer and good laugh or a beer.

I do not know when I will see you next but know this, I carry you in a special pocket, near my heart, so think of me chances are I'll be thinking of you.

We don't know what another is carrying until they care to open and share, to let down our hair, so offer the world your smile, to say 'look' I care and 'I am aware' .

However long the dance may be, dance and smile and sing and share, twirl and laugh and give and take, whether it is 10 seconds, 10 minutes 10 years 10 lifetimes be aware, and care


  1. Hey babe have insomnia and I decided to visit your blog. I am glad I did because it touched me. Your words are beautiful and heart felt. Thank you for always dancing and smiling with me, I will always remember our Leonard Cohen chats and look forward to getting to know you better. Love to you! xoxo

  2. very awesome :)...I can feel your love being expressed in your words...being true friends is being able to relate to one another...I am glad we are on the same wave length :)

    Ivan Campuzano

  3. Yes I too believe we are here with so many, to carry each other's burden. What you (must) realize, I intuit, ideally. And what I (must) realize, you intuit, ideally. And this is true for all of us, imho.