Monday, June 22, 2009

Russell the Sheep

I am in Love...oh yes I am...and I want the Whole World to Know his name

and his friend Frankie :)

I went looking in my local big Super Centre Grocery Store to see if Russell Brands Bookie Wook was there...I have already read was sent from London by some of my patients, through their owner :) anyway...
I went looking to see if the Biography Section had finally got it..well as I got to the section and I'm scanning the books looking for the word 'Russell' what do I find? between William Shatner and Dr Phil??? Russell the Sheep well I doubled over giggling my head off....people up the isle looking at me...:)~ go one like I worry about pick it up and open it up and start reading it out loud, (how else are you going to read a kids book?) I can't stop laughing..serendipity rides again...I go looking for Russell..and I find him..and now I love this little sheep... I took him to work today and read him out loud, showed all the pictures, and pointed out Franklin... whom I had to go online to find out his is not said outright in this book...I even got a couple clients to read it while they were waiting to see the Vet. Now we all know about Russell and I can't wait to go see Mable and Splat, and the rest of the lovely things from Rob Scotton's mind :)
I need a Russell hat...I have a little frog..but will now need a Russell T shirt to sleep in...

Thank You Russell the Sheep for showing up in my world

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a peach

Life is full of serendipity
If you know how to look.
Unseen hands helping
through time and space.
Why did you come, on this day, at this time?
Do we even know the reasons?
It is only in hindsight that we connect all the dots.

sometimes people come into your life
at the right time,
and they affect you and your life
in ways that woulnd't have been possible
had they come the day before or the day after.

Like a ripe peach you walked into my life
not too early when you would have been hard and unripe
or overripe and inedible because
I would have turned away..
you walked across the stage of my life
and set my soul ablaze
and everyday there is something I must do.

thank you
as I fill my soul from this beautiful ripe fruit
smiles of contentment
giggles of joy
and a life of happiness
come forth.

as one tree talks to another
energy calls to eachother
looking for vibrations and frequencies
that match


Thursday, June 18, 2009

on my way

Walking through the world
open to it's whisperings
I heard your thoughts.
Healing the world
one soul at a time
I vibrate towards you.
Open and touching
healing and vibrating
laughing and crying,
waves....we are all waves
moonbeams radiate our light
in the darkness
sunbeams show our sparkle
in the light
and our connection to eachother
show us the way home
Grab my wave
I've come to show you.....
that you've asked for
your whole life,
close your eyes..
listen with your heart
and open your mind
and you will find me.

peace my piece of the rainbow

Saturday, June 6, 2009

On My Way To You

Waltzing through my life
dancing in the rain,
and following the Moon.
The thoughts of the World
wave over me
in electrical impulses
Causing me to twist
and turn,
float and fly,
as I try to figure out why.
Listening to the energies
I pass by
on my way to You.

A fire has been lit in my soul. A calling has reached out & draws me out , and as I show it in, I also show my calling out, finding out what
works and what doesn't.
Living off instincts, trusting my dreams, believing whole heartily in serendipity. Shaking off all the negativity I've swam through over my life..singing all my favourite songs, letting the right action flow through me in everything I do and every encounter I have.
Daily I let go of more and more stuff, things I can't change, can't fix,
things I can not make my problem, and in putting these things down
so many more things open is remarkable.

For the last couple of years I've held on to too much crap
and in holding all the shit it filled my
wonderful sparkly Universe with
pain , sadness, loss, anger,
and when you hold on to these things that is what you see
and that is what comes to you...
some people say that's just life...all the shit...but I refuse to see the world that way..
because I can see the difference..with just a few changes how much better life
is on the positive side of the universe..
I am awake
I am present
I know so many things from being open to the Universe
Everyday is a learning experience
This calling pulls me through the ether of life
everyday one step closer
to finding out if it's true
and along the way
I shall sing and dance
and roll down the hills
enjoying every moment of life
releasing pain,
letting go of sadness
building beauty
honoring the fabulousness I encounter along the way
seeing the teachers the Universe sends my way

thank you for being you
thank you for affecting my world
see you out there
we are all connected whether we like it or not
your vibration affects all things around me
I affect you, you affect me and together we affect each other
Lets stay with positive affection