Sunday, June 21, 2009

a peach

Life is full of serendipity
If you know how to look.
Unseen hands helping
through time and space.
Why did you come, on this day, at this time?
Do we even know the reasons?
It is only in hindsight that we connect all the dots.

sometimes people come into your life
at the right time,
and they affect you and your life
in ways that woulnd't have been possible
had they come the day before or the day after.

Like a ripe peach you walked into my life
not too early when you would have been hard and unripe
or overripe and inedible because
I would have turned away..
you walked across the stage of my life
and set my soul ablaze
and everyday there is something I must do.

thank you
as I fill my soul from this beautiful ripe fruit
smiles of contentment
giggles of joy
and a life of happiness
come forth.

as one tree talks to another
energy calls to eachother
looking for vibrations and frequencies
that match



  1. Absolutely beautiful photograph.

  2. yes it spoke to one tree talking to I saved it.

  3. Serendipity - a very big thing with me also :-) Very nice Lady June