Thursday, February 18, 2010

#FF following and follower in the waves

From my heart to yours
I need you to know
just how much
you mean to me
each and every day
I walk though my day
connected to so many
in the healing that I do
for cats and dogs and their human kin
so is was so easy
to slip you all
into my pocket right from the start

I came looking for something
and for that I still search


daily you remind me
how wonderful life really is
open to the magic
swirling in the air
grabbing hold it's tether
and swinging in the flow
the wonder that you bring
rests in my open hands
and pulls such amazing things from me
the things we share in here
blows me away each and every day

each of you is different in what you offer me
each of you is wonderful in how it is we share
our inspiration our joy our laughter
our sorrow and support along the way

There is no anger left in me
I felt it's sting to long
I sent it packing and converted it's room
Sadness and 'meloncollie' sometimes come to tea
I let them tell their stories
and send them off with a hug
for they too can not stay
I will not barr the door
but I will not hold them in my heart

so thank you for all you offer me
thank you for your friendship
thank you for your love
thank you for being you and sharing with me too :)

Monday, February 15, 2010


the world of energy
just so you know
just flows and flows
this way that way
up and down
in and out
and straight on through

standing still
listening to them
through them
swimming in these waves
has completely
affected me

creativity flows there
magic is created there
Life is forged there
we each have waves
big and bright
and each thought
that leaves from you
effects the sea

walk down the street and see
what affect your thoughts can have
on people all around

if you wave your anger
even just inside yourself
it seeths and squishes out

walk with laughter and with joy
and it just can't help
spilling about

I was pulled here today
something I needed to say
I hope it got on you :)
Sparkle Magnet Power Forever

Life is Lovely