Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here We Go LexieLoo

"here we go lexie loo"
a song I sang to her
as she danced down the streets
like she had ants in her pants
after she was groomed.
she rubbed herself
into my heart
11 years ago,
she's 14 1/2 now.
I've known her since she came
from PJ's pet store
and even as a puppy she
pushed her way into the world
nosey and yappy
the queen of all the world
when her previous owner was hospitalized
she became my little girl
handfed for months
as her world changed
and mine did too.
I'd always had big dogs, great big galouts, not little things that wanted your lap.
Senitive she was to so much at first
Then she became the Queen
just took over, if you know what I mean :)
she has a bark that can break your mind

so forever she gets her own way.
For 11 years she has been at my hip
24/7 it's been an awesome trip
pushy and demanding
but sweet as can be
everyone who meets her wants to take her away
I always joke 'go ahead'
in under 2 seconds she back at my side
the fuss she'd make if I left her for a moment
it was easier to just take her with me !
which is why she got specail treatment .

Unique and wonderful this wonderful dog
is now full of tumours in liver and lungs
the drugs make her unable to move
so with dignity and grace
and tears upon my face
I say goodbye to the sweet little dog

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I came for you

When I was a tree

I stood and listened to the breeze

as love walked by me

when love sat under my branches

it's wonderful vibration

absorbed into my roots

traveled up my truck

and was entangled

in my leaves

and when the wind blew

through the world
the love would flow

on the breeze

Now no longer am I a tree

I've come to hold the hand of love

to love

to dance

to sing to the wind

to hold the hand of love

and take that chance

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Hand

I offered you my hand
unafraid to take a stand
aware that there is more
than the eyes can see
open and accepting
I offered it to you
allowing and unfolding
this wonder that came through
smiling in the sunshine
of this wonderful new day
knowing that if i close my eyes
I feel your hand hold mine