Thursday, May 20, 2010

I came for you

When I was a tree

I stood and listened to the breeze

as love walked by me

when love sat under my branches

it's wonderful vibration

absorbed into my roots

traveled up my truck

and was entangled

in my leaves

and when the wind blew

through the world
the love would flow

on the breeze

Now no longer am I a tree

I've come to hold the hand of love

to love

to dance

to sing to the wind

to hold the hand of love

and take that chance


  1. Singing in the breeze
    Love holds out a hand
    Says come
    Dance with me
    Across the worlds

  2. as you journey toward love's promise
    hear me singing in the wind
    saying take that chance ~
    reach out your hand
    and find love and joy and laughter