Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Hand

I offered you my hand
unafraid to take a stand
aware that there is more
than the eyes can see
open and accepting
I offered it to you
allowing and unfolding
this wonder that came through
smiling in the sunshine
of this wonderful new day
knowing that if i close my eyes
I feel your hand hold mine


  1. I take your hand
    knowing that the eye
    can never see the all

    Feeling your hand
    in mine
    and mine in yours
    energy flowing

    ♥ Lovely poem - thank you for sharing ♥

  2. ♥ Yes...and beautifully too ♥

  3. the hand of a friend
    no matter the distance between
    is always there
    fingers laced with yours
    the love flowing
    back and forth
    sharing strength
    sharing life
    sharing love