Saturday, April 17, 2010

Accepting Love

Letting go of the complications

that I can not change.

Holding on to the love

that is changing me.

Remembering that love

has no watch.

Giving back,

all that I have to give.

Allowing the flowing

and the glowing that you cause.

Knowing that to our souls

time does not exist

Walking in the sunshine

of your whispers to my heart.

Drifting in the moonlight

that relects upon the sea.

Letting life unfold

without trying to pry it open,

and accepting the love you shine at me.


  1. I love the whole poem, Junie, but I was really struck by this ~

    "Letting life unfold
    without trying to pry it open"

    How often have I tried to force open a "door" that I wanted to go through instead of paying attention to where life was leading me. I love your words. I love you. *biggest squishiest hug* Dani

  2. "Knowing that to our souls
    time does not exist..."

    Ah, the magnificent timelessness of our souls.

    My impatience is such a badger. I have to remember to remain in the timelessness of now so as not to lose my mind.

    Such a beautiful rendering from the beauty that is exclusively you.


  3. Beautiful June...

  4. it is me teaching myself
    everytime I pull the door open
    I usually ended up injuring myself
    and scaring love away
    now I learn patience with the day
    and let it teach and unfold to me

    thank you for your loving words
    thank you for being such amazing supporters
    and being the wonderful beings that you are