Saturday, April 17, 2010

Accepting Love

Letting go of the complications

that I can not change.

Holding on to the love

that is changing me.

Remembering that love

has no watch.

Giving back,

all that I have to give.

Allowing the flowing

and the glowing that you cause.

Knowing that to our souls

time does not exist

Walking in the sunshine

of your whispers to my heart.

Drifting in the moonlight

that relects upon the sea.

Letting life unfold

without trying to pry it open,

and accepting the love you shine at me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Call

When I was a tree, I stood in the wind and listened to thoughts brought past on the breeze, and now that I am not a tree, I stand in the breeze and listen to thoughts blown in the wind.
Sunday I was out and about, running errands, when at the last minute something told me to go to Valu Village, a local thrift store that I like. Whenever I get the twinge to go there I always find something I'd been looking for, occasionally not. So when I got the twinge on Sunday, I went. Wandering up and down the isles just looking I never expected what I did see, my friend Mary. Mary works with my cousin who isn't my cousin, that's a whole other story, but never the less, Mary and my cousin work in a school for handicap ed kids. They both have hearts as big as the sky and have dedicated their lives to these kids, the way I am dedicated to the animals. Well my cousin and I have both lost our mothers and now Mary is about to loose hers. Mary is the sweetest kindest person I have ever met, she is my age, approaching 50, lived at home her whole life with her mom, and her world is about to change radically. I only see Mary when my cousin brings her around, and I haven't seen her since last fall. This past weekend my cousin's niece got married and Mary was suppose to go to the wedding, but when I ran into her she said she just wasn't up to the celebration while her mom is dying, I hugged her tightly and told her how much I understood. She also said she comes to Valu Village to just get away from things. We chatted about Bon Jovi, she loves him, and when I told her I was writing Haiku to him and that he was following me her face lite up the place, we walked the isles, we giggled and laughed. I offered her a ride home, but she said she was going to just wander some more, we hugged again, and went on our way.
I have lived in this neighbourhood for 8 years, and visited this store a million time and not run into Mary, but today when she was feeling lost and alone I did.... why?? what did I hear?? who gave me the little push to go in the first place? I didn't need 3 more tops! I didn't need anything... but someone else did... Mary needed a friend to hug her, to laugh with, I heard her call in the wind of the trees, maybe not in words... but the thought found me and guided me there to help lighten her day.

How many times has this happened? to me many times but to you ??
we don't stop to hear the whispers enough
open yourself