Saturday, August 21, 2010

On My Way To You...

I walked the Coastal Path
every day
looking for you.
Scraped by the heather and brambles
stung by the nettles
drenched by low flying clouds
scorched by the sun
and overwhelmed by the wonder
of being on the edge
where the land kisses the sea.
I shouted out to the sea
"hello my love, can you see me?"
"come hold my hand, forever starts today!"
shouting to the sky,
allowing the waves and wind
to talk my love and wonder
and show you the way my heart
Still I walk my path...
Still I stop to enjoy the wonders
as I walk my way to you....
my slipper in my bag :~)
my heart open....and looking for you.


  1. so lovely, June =)



  2. beautiful..brought tears to my eyes..

  3. thank was a magical place, and when I came across the rocks I smiled deep from soul, and found a rock to add my love to it :~)

  4. Beautiful ♥ words ♥ thoughts ♥ images ♥ location ♥
    What more can be said?

  5. keep your heart open
    hold the slipper close to hand
    while you look at all the wonders
    strewn along your path
    continue shouting to the sea and sky

    keep your heart open
    for your love will find you one day

  6. I walked the Coastal Path
    every day
    looking for you.

    that just made me stop. and re-read those words at least 5 times.

    bravo to say out loud a need so simple: to search.