Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life Love Energy

I was driving the other morning just letting the wind blow through my mind,
letting it stir it up a bit, when I had a vision. The vision was of Energy looking down, as in Dumbledors Pensive and for those who have not seen or read any Harry it's like a giant birdbath that shows possible futures and pasts. anyway...
I saw myself and my 'one' not as people but as pieces of energy getting ready to bud off, like spiders ballooning out of the egg sack. We looked down and we're judging the life we were about to go into, seeing it from beginning to end. Seeing all these lives floating by, 'oh look at that one...that looks cool' or ' I want that!!, look how fabulous that life is!' and watching others jump without really seeing the totality of the life they were choosing! So there I was with my love, talking about all the places we'd been before, comparing what we would be doing before we hooked up again, if we would, where it would be. As energy we only have a vibration, a frequency, an aura, our bodies change all the time. So there we where...and as I judged this life I was about to choose I saw the pain, I saw the sorrow, but thankfully in the time line of energy...those moments were but blips on the hands of time...and what I chose this lifeline for is what is about to come to me...I can feel it...I can feel 'HIM' we are getting closer. I think he waiting allot longer than me...but in the end it doesn't matter does it....we are all energy..and when these bodies die it is released back to the Universe and the cycle starts all over again.

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