Sunday, August 2, 2009


An awakened life is a life of Hope

Walking through this world unaware of the connections we have to each other

is like walking in a fog, you can't see 2 feet in front of you and so many people seem to be so unaware. In this unaware state so many people feel lost and totally alone in the world.

They do not see the ways in which we are all connected to one another, no matter where we are.

I have always been aware of my connection to people because of the Vet clinic, it is impossible to have someone hand you their pet, their best friend and in some cases an animal that is for some people their child without a good connection. BUT outside of the clinic and outside the people who know and love me I have walked this world these last few years head down, in my own world and that says to the Universe, don't notice me, don't look at me, go away and leave me alone....and the Universe does. Thankfully I was never pessimistic because negative energy just brings you more negative stuff to be thrown into your world because you are attracting it.

With tragedy, death and loss come all sorts of opportunities the first is acceptance of things we can not change...we will all die ! and We are Not Alone...and accept the hand that is given to share a sorrow. In Love and Loss we are all connected, Love brings us a way to celebrate together and share in the joy, and Loss brings us together to help each other cope with the pain that we all experience. Since I was a child I have been sending my thoughts to the Universe, my questions, my longings, my love and there is nothing better than sitting late at night when the world is asleep, under the Moon and listening . Thoughts are electrical impulses, which are vibrations, which are waves. Waves floating across time and space...all life can vibrate, we all are receivers and transmitters just so many people tune out and in doing so miss an amazing thing feeling the pulse of Life. I always have Hope, Hope that people will see these connections, see the snowball affect of negative energy, and see more Hope for the evolution of the Human species. All for one and one for all...Hope springs eternal. I believe in the Universe....I walk with my head up, I know something wonderful is happening to me and I accept it with open arms...and I let the negative people who want me to believe I will not get my dream to slip away without a second glance. Listen to the World Get to Know your own voice in the world be not afraid to take a leap into the unknown remember your essence.

If you start with Love in your heart the world can only give you more!

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