Monday, April 20, 2009

New Things

Well I had an exciteing weekend...faced some fears, overcame some and learnt an amazing thing


I was playing my guitar, standing in the last rays of the day, talking about life and past lives and energy with my friend Pip and a Raven flew over the pond and I told her that I was a raven, crow or magpie in a previous life...and that had caused me to be a Sparkle Magnet this time around. I can see a sparkle anywhere, no matter how far away or small I can see it...and we discussed how I sparkle. So I watched how people reacted to me all weekend, I let my energy radiate back into the world.

what can a sparkle magnet do?

Like a metal detector it lights up when there is sparkle around

Like a rainbow it sends it's sparkle back out to the universe

Like a happy pill just being around it makes you feel good

We can't all be Einsteins

We all have a job to do and we should do it to the best of our abilities

I am a healer of animals

and I am a


so them we went to paint our vision of it

then the next day I went onstage..something I have only done once before and that time was with 3 other guitar players. I stood infront of about 100 people and they were wonderful and receptive and they listened and they laughed at the right places and even thou I was shaking in my boots it felt so totally cool to be apart of something and to share with them.
Two or three times during the day I thought I can't do this...I'm too scared..I walked through the woods singing out loud but still found myself afraid. My friend kept telling me...'play a character, who do you think would sing the song? play and sing like her....dont' worry about'll be fine"
When we got to the bar there were a few people already there..maybe 20, I grabbed a cider to settle my nerves....and because I dont' smoke I stayed in my seat just talking to those around me and telling myself silently ,'you can it do' I felt just like the little train that could LOL
when I finally had to go the the bathroon I nearly died...the room was full of people...standing room only...yes it's only a small bar about 75-100 people but seeing all those faces started a new panic...which almost eroded the I think I can speach LOL
Then I remembered talking about how I am shy in certain in a crowd of people I don't know, unless they're asking me about animal things,. except when I have an ally and then I remembered there were at least 5 people rooting for me so I had nothing to worry about, just go on there and remember to shine....after all I am the Sparkle Magnet !
I walked onto the stage...and told the world, that was there, Hello world I'm LunaJune and I'm a Sparkle Magnet and I've come to Sparkle for you tonight and I put my picture of Russell Brand on the music stand and sang my little heart out...and you could hear a pin drop, they listened with intent, they laughed in all the right places and they were kind, and just as I was for lots of them they shone for was a wonderful evening full of wonderful people who all came to support eachother....all was right with the world.
we need more days like that
we all need to sparkle and shine for eachother

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