Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flowing Towards Tomorrow

People always ask...what are your plans for tomorrow?
What do you mean you don't have any?
You must have some idea what you want from tomorrow !

I have ideas, and dreams and things I'd love to do
so yes I plan some things, and hope for things, and build my own dream
of what I want to happen


I want to dream the dream with 'HIM'
I want to build the road to tomorrow together
and explore every new day as it unfolds
as two energies dreaming as one.


I live each day to the fullest
I enjoy the bountys of my days
I dream wonderful things just for me
and share the days connected to
a wonderful world of people
as I look for 'HIM'
I give
I grow
I have fun
I laugh
I cry
I heal the animals and people around me
I dream my revolutionary dream of the world comeing together
I go whereever the wind wants to take me
I shine the light in me on all who pass by
and I look for the light that will instantly
brighten my light 100 x more

if you see him, let me know :)

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