Friday, April 10, 2009

We are all connected.

sometimes we may not see the connections or not want to feel connected but we are and there really is nothing you can do about it. It is an amazing sensation if you stop and listen to the buzz of life, from a tiny seedling popping out of it's seedpod and pushing it's way through the wet earth to the birth of a blue whale. Like the a spider web all connections do affect one another, it is a delicate balance.

I have walked through my life connected to the natural world and everything in it from a single celled amoeba to the giant redwoods, but always had a problem where people where concerned. The natural world doesn't lie, doesn't pretend, doesn't give you false hopes it is what it is. Humans are a complex life force that have always boggled my mind, strange that I am on and know my own way around my own mind but trying to understand humans has been a road I have been walking for a while now. I know the capacities of my own mind and that has lead me to postulate that others are also capable. We have spent so much of our lives with people telling us how to think, what not to think, and the must be nuts if you think like that! Thankfully for me I spent enough time in my own thoughts to not be afraid of 'THEM' those people who are so afraid of what they might find if they played around inside their own minds.

I've been thinking about dreams and the fact that we spend almost 1/3 of our lives asleep in a place of magic and wonder...we must explore all that side of reality has to offer...the playground of spirit. In the magic place is we take the time to look around we can see the threads of the web, feel the tugs from people far away, visit all the places our hearts want to go and really have been there..just not with our bodies.

I am looking for my 'One' I have had lots but they weren't the one and so I've gone on or they have left not being able to understand me. Lots of people don't get me...they think I'm fabulous and love me and and overjoyed at having me in their lives but they can not go to the places I'd like them to come with me...and that is alright..they just aren't ready . I know that the one and I will be able to communicate fully without words, they will become redundant in the world we create together, we will know each others energy immediately.

Life is about connecting, helping, sharing, being part of something bigger than ourselves so remember to try and connect just a little bit more each day and on newer levels. Do not be afraid to have a conversation with a relative stranger...what have you go to loose? Yes we need to keep out commonsense around us, and trust our gut feelings because their is negativity and evilness in the world but we can't let that control how we communicate to each other...I believe is we can get everyone to feel connected then there won't be as much negative energy running around mad and angry.

So come on, open up, look people in the eye, take the time, be kind, be grateful and most of all


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