Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shit Happens

Well last night as the wind and rain was pounding my house, my neighbour came over to inform me that a huge piece of aluminum had come loose and was flapping back and forth in the wind.

I put on my coat and went out to look in the almost dark evening.

Squishing though the front lawn, to look up at something I myself could not personally fix !

I can do allot of things,. but climbing up a 40' ladder to the 2nd storey roof to nail back the huge piece of flashing that should be covering the wood, which is now soaked from the rain.

So I have two choices...one, get pissed and yell, and then start...the serious "what am I going to do?" or two smile as say, "What's next? " and view this as something that needs doing..getting upset isn't going to get it fixed..only calmness will get it done right. So now I must walk down that home repair road as a single woman who knows jack squat about it.


and it all depends on how we deal with it.....

We must be willing to step out of ourselves, out of our little scared, defensive identity and into the person we want to be, one who does not look for faults, one who is not temperamental, or jealous, one who does not judge and we must be willing to do this a thousand times a day if necessary.

Every moment we have the choice to be happy....you choose it...and then be it

So this could be a very exciting road...yes an expensive one..and I truly believe money means nothing except what it can buy you here.

Maybe someone to try on the slipper will come from this...you never know....

off to find recommendations.

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  1. Hey. Look up a local handi-man in your yellow pages. They are generally well priced, knowledgeable and more willing to give you a $$ deal than contractors.
    And who knows, maybe the slipper will fit!