Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day....there was sun, and then rain then sun again.
I let the energy of the day guide me around. The spring bulbs in full bloom, cherry blossoms filled the air, people running and laughing in the rain. Old couples holding hands on the streets, young lovers kissing under the trees.
I circumnavigated the city, driving slow, taking pictures, watching people, snacking on the most amazing pea shoots...the epitome of alive, and heirloom zebra tomatoes, washed down with rhubarb soda, singing songs with the windows down. I took a detour through High Park, the roads were open to traffic so I meandered down the paths I haven't walked since I was a kid. When the rain stopped I took the little white dog for a stroll and I went looking for shadows of me as a kid. The tree I use to climb, the part of the park I got lost in and paniced in when I was 8. I saw so many different memories of me from all ages. The day I feel in the pond feeding the ducks, to the many winter days I sat on the side of the pond because I was afraid to skate on the ice. My mother's friend had lost all 3 of her sons playing on the ice, not at this pond, but my mother instilled that sorrow and fear into me and I listened.
I listened so much that once up in Northern Ont at a friend cottage we went for a 3 hour hike across a bunch of small lakes to get to the blue herons nesting site and at the first lake I told everyone I couldn't go...they said ok see ya when we get back..I didn't want to be left behind so for the first lake I made them walk single file with me somewhere in the middle and jump up and down every 10 was a funny sight but it gave me the time we were almost back I was running ahead...fearless.
back to today...
It was a perfect day, full of lovely conversations in the shops, in the park, on the phone..a day of being totally connected to the universe.
The sky, the wind, the sun, the rain, my pup, my friends, my self, and the day
everything was illuminated.
Thanks for the day all my senses are tingling
now to go shine on twitter

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