Saturday, May 2, 2009

random thoughts

Inspiration walks through the world

And sight is not just with the eyes.

Life is experienced on many levels

and love is a wonderful drug,

and truth will set you free.

I know my worth.

I let life sing it’s beauty to me.

I roll in the waves that laughter brings.

I am inspired by the wind.

Pushed forward by a vibration,

and most importantly

I know the joy of living in the moment

as I walk through this day
I push my vision field further and further out
no blinders on me !

as I walk through this day
I open my heart to the wonders all around
no fear in me !

as I walk through this day
I absorb the energy of life, and exhale the energy of me
we are one !

as I walk through this day
I feel the vibrations of life, my life, your life his life, her life
and I shimmer with happiness

Pieces of Rainbows
That reflect the love of the Universe
In a Million different Ways
and each way is but a refection
of the original

Remember the Child within
Remember creativity in the moment
finger paint a sunset
body paint a canvas
Write a little song
Dance a Little dance
Roll down a hill all the way to France

dream and laugh and love and share
and be fully in the moment
and feel the wave
The Universal Revolution Of Love and Loss

for every Loss some Love and then more Love of all things Lovely

words that fall from thought to form
leave my mind and find their way to paper
here, there and everywhere
like the rain they must fall
like the sun they must shine
and like the moon they pull me
here, there and everywhere
to shine like pieces of rainbows
and reflect the love of life
to all the people who
seek to live life as truth
those who are pieces of that rainbow
I'm trying to put them back together
come home, be healed, be whole
does the moon resonate to you?
lets help each other.

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