Monday, May 11, 2009



Time people rush through so much I've got to get here...Ive got to be there and in all that rushing around they forget something that time is something we made up so we could measure stuff...because we seem to like order to the universe ,well I don't I like natural Entropy I don't own a watch, every one, my whole life, I break, not on purpose but it happens...I will bump into something..broken watch..fall off a skateboard fly through the air into a pen of buffalo's who just looked at me and went...'snurff' and went back to their lunch..did they care that my watch was broken, that my ass was raw and bleeding from ripping across the top of the fence? Nope. I finally realized that I was not meant to watch time, all the clocks in my house have different times, and the only one I believe most days is my cell phone. Years ago seeing as I didn't believe in time...yes I know it exists but I don't let it have any real power over me I knew that there were people who would want me to know about time and being on time in this society and back then I did partake in allot off illegal substances but still got to work on time, still made all my commitments because my dad taught me something..your word is your truth and don't say things if you don't mean them, or you're not going to do it...better to say 'No' then to have people waiting on you. So I needed to a way to judge the passage of time when in altered states so I started asking people constantly 'do you have the time?' ' what time is it?" and after a couple of weeks I noticed something...every time I ask 'what time is it?' it had been exactly 15 minutes since the last time I thought about now I never need a watch I just have to do math constantly when I don't carry my cell it's a good thing I'm a math person and that math excites me :)

So don't let time rule your life...use it to your advantage play with it bend it, shape it, and for heavens sake don't tell someone you'll be there at this time is you know you are always late or forgetful. Know yourself and be true to yourself and give yourself a window of time and with saying that I have a window of time I must go fill....people and animals and society all want my time...good thing I can stop time when I need and start it back up and this is a start up time...see you when I stop time again and come play in my world of wonder.

Peace and watch the Moon she is me I am her and I am always around, you may not see me but I am there shinning my energy somewhere in the universe so if you need a good thought look to the moon and absorb the rays and if you have extra good thoughts send them back at me and I'll make sure if someone else needs them they get them.

peace people

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